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In 2011 we established a private ambulance service in Tirgu Mures, accredited both by the Mures Public Health and the National Health Insurance Company. Due to TopMed Ambulance’s great emphasis on the quality of our services, we managed to have an excellent reputation in terms of professionalism, punctuality and politeness of our crews. We are always open to questions raised by our partners and getting involved in solving them responsibly.

Every year we answer to thousands of requests for assisted and unassisted medical transport for patients admitted to hospitals in Tirgu Mures, in collaboration with us, to other hospitals, private clinics or home, both in the county and the country.

Since 2011 until now, we provided emergency services to sports competitions, demonstrations, concerts and other events. Our area of expertise includes also medical shipments abroad: Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Italy and Turkey are the countries where we made assisted emergency transportation.

We are always trying to improve our work and excel in services!

Why us?

Safety 99%

Fastness 95%

Satisfied patients 80%

Patients who use our services 76%

  • Hospital discharge medical transportation by ambulance, for patients untransportable.
  • Transport of patients with leg fractures immobilized in plaster casts, pelvic girdle and spine
  • Transport of patients with strokes
  • Transport of patients with recent amputations of the lower limbs
  • Transport of patients with cachectic states
  • Transport of patients with major neurologic motor deficit and post-stroke conditions
  • Transport of patients with severe motor deficit of the lower limbs
  • Transport of patients with obliterans chronic arteriopathy in stage III and IV, heart failure class NYHA III and IV, myocardial revascularization post status by coronary artery bypass and peripheral revascularization by aorto-femoral bypass
  • Transport of patients with surgery brain tumors and internal hydrocephalus
  • Transport of patients with oxygen dependency, brain vascular malformations - aneurysms, broken and un-operated arterial venous malformations, operated arterial venous malformations, subarachnoid hemorrhage of unspecified nature that require hospital discharge transportation, unable to be moved by means of conventional transportations, can also be transported in another county.
  • Events assistance
  • Public or sporting events assistance: sports competitions or other events
  • Cultural events assistance (shows, concerts), movies, fairs and exhibitions
  • Various meetings assistance
  • Assistance at events in sports and recreation facilities
  • Permanent or on demand
  • Scheduled transportation to/ from the hospital in Tirgu Mures or in other places in the country
  • Medical transportation to/ from the airport
  • Assisted medical transportation in the country and abroad
  • Emergency transportation by ambulance to the hospital, providing first-aid measures and life support when needed
  • Supervision and care for patients transported abroad (with attendant physician)

A high status service for terrestrial medical transportations, TopMed is a Romanian company that offers an innovative, reliable and affordable service which complements and provides an extra value to travel insurance. With a diagnosis of hospitalization for at least 3 days and if you are thousands of kilometers away from home, TopMed Ambulance guarantees all its members, always, a safe return.
Our employees are the real key to success. TopMed Ambulance has 4 years’ experience in medical management and transport operations which ensures the best Romanian quality with highly skilled medical personnel.

What's new?

The Ambulance Service has become today an important part of our business. Trough the promptness and friendliness of our staff and also the healthcare services we always provide, we managed to make us remarkable. We have ambulances endowed with services capable to intervene in almost any situation. We offer various services, both in emergencies to simple transport - and in the subscription services system.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always trying to improve our work and excel in services!


Phone: 0730.11.33.33
Email: ambulanta@topmed.ro
Address Tirgu Mures, No. 1 DOROBANTILOR Street

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